List of Events

Tue, 7/25
Traditional Irish Session

Traditional Irish instrumental sessions. Every Tuesday at 7-10pm.

Fri, 7/28
Lex White "the Bluegrass Man"

Lex White is a Bluegrass/folk musician born and raised on American traditional music. Lonesome country blues, old Irish tunes, and Australian bush songs are in the mix of this guitar aficionado.

Sat, 7/29
D.W. the Wild Beat

His sound is a wide variety of blues/R&B/folk/ballad music and tasteful interpretations of cover songs.

Tue, 8/1
Traditional Irish Session

Traditional Irish instrumental sessions. Every Tuesday at 7-10pm.

Sat, 8/12
Kelly Ann Miller

Kelly Ann Miller will be a new favorite at Ceol.
Don't miss the show!

Fri, 8/18

Brandon Freeman and Jonathan Napoles had been friends for a long time before they ever played a lick of music together and for good reason. The two are quite the unlikely duo. Freeman is an RnB and rock singer while Napoles played metal for over a decade. Nonetheless, fate would eventually bring the two musicians together as the only two full-time musicians in their circle of friends. So one day the two set up all the equipment they had at their disposal and Cloudship was born.

With their unique and quirky instrumentation and Folk/Blues driven sound, Cloudship is sure to make quite a splash.

Sat, 8/19
Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett was born and raised in the rural North Georgia Countryside, Tom was given his first harmonica by an old lady from West Virginia at 9 years old. Many long hours were spent on the hayfields of Eagle Crest ranch learning the blues. Tom left the south and headed west at age 19. He was discovered by a nationally touring blues band and joined them on the road as the opening act. Tom has stayed on the road ever since. When he is not on tour he rests in the Southern Utah desert near the town of St. George. Tom is thrilled to be releasing his new EP, I AM EVERYWHERE recorded in Portland, OR with HeyHay Productions.

Fri, 8/25
Justin Martin

As guitarist in Tacoma indie pop favorites Oh Dear! for several years, J. Martin had plenty of time to develop as an artist. While Oh Dear! tended more toward nervy and sprightly melodies and rhythms, J. Martin's solo output has solidly leaned in the direction of melancholy folk-rock, with welcome dashes of psychedelic color. Finally given the spotlight on his own terms, J. Martin proves himself to be a capable frontman.

Sat, 8/26
Chris Talbot

Yes it's true they're going to let him back into town. Apparently he's been on good behavior. Come and check them out. Flashback!

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